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The AIMSSEC Mathematical Thinking book series is for teachers and educators who want to develop their mathematics teaching skills. It has been written by an international writing team who have taught on AIMSSEC courses and in other countries. The first book in the series for Lower Secondary schools was published in February 2016 and books for the other age groups are in preparation.

The books offer lesson resources for active learning, and resources for initial training and professional development to help teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematics and to improve their teaching.


Buy the book online at Amazon or at then search for AIMSSEC or ISBN 9781316503621. In South Africa order it here



The two CURRICULUM MAPPING DOCUMENTS below provide page references for sections in the AIMSSEC Mathematical Thinking in the Lower Secondary Classroom book that relate directly to each topic in the curriculum together with links to enquiry based learning activities on the AIMINGHIGH TEACHER NETWORK with solutions, notes for teachers and suggestions for teaching the topics.

1. Generic curiculum map for a typical lower secondary mathematics curriculum.

2. Curriculum map for the South African Curriculum

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