6th Dec 2016

AIMSSEC presents at AIMS South Africa Journal Club


On 25 November 2016, Dr Marie Joubert  (Senior Research Fellow at AIMSSEC and member of the FaSMEd project) gave a talk titled: A South African take on an EU project: Formative assessment in mathematics classrooms to academic and research staff at AIMS South Africa’s journal club.

The ‘Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education’ (FaSMEd) project involved eight partners in Europe and one in Africa, AIMSSEC. The ‘big idea’ behind the project was the use of technology to help teachers use formative assessment effectively.  Marie Joubert reported the research findings in two main areas: firstly, the responses of the teachers to the process of taking part in the research and secondly, what happened in the classrooms. The research was qualitative social science research, which broadly aimed to improve teaching and learning in mathematics. It was relevant to anyone with an interest in understanding how mathematics teaching could be improved.

The journal club mid-presentation