11th Jul 2017

AIMSSEC Presents at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute

The IP mathematics course (held at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute, CTLI) from the 8th to the 19th of May 2017 was attended by 48 participants. Ms Lindiwe Tshuma from AIMSSEC was invited to present the following modules: Shape and Space; Measures and Data Handling and Probability.  The course coordinator and the co–presenter were very professional and provided guidance and valuable advice and guidance based on how the course has been presented before. The teaching and learning resources provided during the course also included the AIMSSEC Lower Secondary Mathematical Thinking Teacher Resource Book pushed by Cambridge University Press (CUP) in 2016.

The participants ranged from highly experienced to newly graduated teachers. Among the 48 participants were two school principals, one deputy principal and 22 newly graduated teachers. The participants were pleasant to work with as they actively engaged in all the activities planned for the course; including willingly sharing best practices. Engaging participants in group discussions allowed sharing of information and teaching strategies among participants. In groups, participants discussed and shared strategies on how to introduce, develop, and conclude different topics to IP learners. Making models of 3D objects using waste paper allowed participants without sufficient resources at their schools to think beyond their circumstances and appreciate that mathematics can still be taught using cost effective teaching and learning support materials.

Results from the pre-test indicated the existence of content gaps among the participants. However, the results of the post-test indicated significant improvement in bridging these content gaps. None of the participants obtained full marks in the pre-test, and in the post test, two of the participants scored 100%. With continuous professional teacher development, the participants should be able to implement the concepts and teaching strategies learnt during the course.

The opportunity to present on the course served as a learning curve in presenting IP mathematics modules in relation to the stipulations of the Western Cape Department of Education (WCED). AIMSSEC is very hopeful that this will lead to future opportunities for collaboration!