25th Jul 2019

AIMSSEC Professional Development courses

31st Mathematical Thinking (MT) & Language and communication in developing Mathematical concepts courses

AIMSSEC held their 31st Mathematical Thinking (MT) course from 17 – 25 June 2019 at Stellenbosch High School in Stellenbosch. Sixty-eight teachers from four provinces (thirty-five from the Eastern Cape, eighteen from Limpopo, four from KZN, eleven from the Western Cape) attended the nine-day residential part of the course. Over the last sixteen years, more than 2000 teachers have attended the AIMSSEC MT courses.

AIMSSEC also started their first course on “Language and communication in developing Mathematical concepts” with 16 teachers attending the course for the Intermediate Phase. Representatives from each phase group were highly appreciative of the course during their feedback sessions.

The photograph below shows 11 teachers from the Western Cape who attended the MT 31 course plus 3 staff members.

Two out of the three teachers sponsored by the Principals Academy had these to say about AIMSSEC MT31 course:  

“I would like to thank you for allowing me an opportunity to attend the AIMSSEC course. It was very educational, and I gained a lot of knowledge that will help me to better my teaching and mentoring Maths. I am very grateful for the opportunity that you gave me. If it weren’t for you and your organization, I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity, thank you very much, it’s very appreciated. There is no amount of words that I can put down on paper to show how grateful I am. Thank you”.

“I want to say thank you to the Principals Academy for providing us with an opportunity to empower us further. The AIMSSEC course was great and provided us with more tools and skills to help us teach more effectively, especially with regards to Mathematics. It was really a benefit to us as Maths teachers and also exposed us to teachers from other provinces and the strategies they were using. Thank you for the opportunity”.