10th Jan 2017

AIMSSEC Supports Local Schools

AIMSSEC in collaboration with AIMS South Africa volunteered at Muizenberg High School from the 17th  to the 25th October 2016 in tutoring grade 8s in mathematics. The grade 8 mathematics teacher, Mr Clyde Synders, wanted help with his grade 8 ‘’at risk’’ learners with basic mathematics concepts. 27 learners were placed in small groups of 4/5 so that they could have maximum attention from the six AINS SA master student tutors. The topics covered included fractions, algebraic expressions and exponents. The learners enjoyed the tutoring and loved the attention that they got as well as showed progress in grasping the concepts. Muizenberg High School looks forward to furthering its partnership with AIMSSEC & AIMS SA in January 2017.

AIMSSEC staff members have also been running activities at Muizenberg Junior School since October 2016. Ben Walker, Lindiwe Tshuma and Ingrid Mostert have organised practical maths-based activities to help inspire an interest in mathematics to the learners. Most of these activities have been done either with Grade 4 learners, or with the after-school maths club containing learners from several grades.  AIMSSEC has also began discussions with Muizenberg Junior School teachers on how to use AIMSSEC’s resources effectively in the classroom, and this will continue in the new academic year.