16th Jul 2009


A full day conference for Grade 11 learners from Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Grassy Park and Steenberg High Schools, Cape Town and Year 12 learners from UK: Ousedale School, Bucks; Nunthorpe TSEF, Middlesborough, William Morris SFC, London, Blackburn Schools ISSP and Havant College Hants. 2 December 2009.



Rachel Thomas andMarianne Freiberger (MMP) and Peter Wadhams (Head Polar Oceans Physics Group), University of Cambridge.

This interactive day conference allowed learners to explore issues related to climate change with the help of worksheets from the PLUSwebsite. The day was hands-on and interactive, with learners working on problems and sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Sea ice extent in September 2007. The pink line shows the average extent 1979 to 2000. Some of the issues studied on the day:

  • How does climate change affect the polar ice caps?
  • What mapping techniques are used for polar expeditions? Learn about mapping techniques including stereographic projection.
  • What navigation methods were used by the Catlin Artic Survey Team to find their way to the North Pole?
  • How are mathematical models used in predicting the future climate of the earth?

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