22nd Sep 2016

Graduate Women International Conference – first in Africa!

The Graduate Women International (GWI) conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 24 – 26 August 2016 under the theme of At the crossroads of education, gender and human rights.  Catherine Bell, the President of GWI, described the purpose of the conference as a platform for discussions about “lifelong, quality education for girls and women to empower them up to the highest level”.  It was the first time that the conference was held on the African continent.

AIMSSEC was invited to share how we are enhancing teacher education in disadvantaged communities of South Africa using technology to promote STEM education, under the strand of Impact of new technologies.

The discussion was facilitated by Rovani Sigamoney of UNESCO, who knows AIMSSEC’s work well as a result of the UNESCO-Hamdan prize given to AIMSSEC in 2012. This prize was awarded for “outstanding practice and performance in enhancing the effectiveness of teachers of mathematics”.