The Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education (FaSMEd) project is a consortium of science and mathematics experts from eight countries: seven in Europe and one  in South Africa (AIMSSEC). 

All partners work with teachers in two or more schools to develop classroom activities. The main focus of the work is on formative assessment, which is a deliberate process of gathering information about learners’ mathematical or science current understandings, and using this information to decide what to do next, both short term (e.g. in the lesson) and longer term (e.g. what to teach in the next lesson). A second focus of the work is the use of ‘technology’ in the formative assessment process, for example in gathering and sharing student work, processing results or providing interactive environments.

The work with the teachers informs the development of a toolkit to support teachers in the use of formative assessment in their mathematics and science classrooms. From time to time, the international team gathers to share results, discuss emerging findings and plan what to do next. AIMSSEC hosted one such meeting in February 2016.

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