Public Engagement

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AIMSSEC understands the context of teaching and learning of mathematics in primary and secondary schools. Interacting with teachers and learners in the classroom is an essential component of AIMSSEC’s public engagement in schools. From 16 – 19 May 2016, AIMSSEC staff visited five schools in the East London district of the Eastern Cape Department of Education.

Key areas discussed during the schools visits were:

  • What is the role of the school leadership regarding improving the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics?
  • How do parents and learners feel about mathematics as a subject at school?
  • How could AIMSSEC support the school with further professional development of mathematics teachers?
  • How do teachers collaborate with each other in schools and amongst schools to support professional development?
  • Would teachers benefit from professional development in their schools by AIMSSEC lecturers working with the learners in the classroom?

The schools visited include Nompumelelo Primary, Lujiza Primary, Nkangeleko Intermediate, Qaqamba Secondary and Byletts Secondary Schools.


Since our inception in 2003, we have:

  • completed 26 three month Mathematical Thinking Professional Development Courses (CFPS), training 1707 primary and secondary teachers from all parts of South Africa,
  • taught eight years of the Advanced Certificate in Education programme to train Subject Leaders (ACE)
  • established close partnerships working with Fort Hare University and SUNCEP
  • set up the AIMING HIGH Teacher Support Network with a new Interactive Telematic Education Centre in Mthatha,
  • organized 20 Motivate videoconferences for learners,
  • organized public lectures and talks at schools,
  • formed partnerships with DrMath and Nokia Momaths to support learnerning using cellphones,
  • taught enrichment classes for learners from local schools with help from AIMS students
  • supported primary schools in Imizano Yethu and Gugulethu running workshops for teachers
  • produced learning resources tailored to the South African Mathematics Curriculum,
  • distributed information on use of free resources,
  • organised a tour and 30 performances of Bubblz the Maths Clown in Johannesburg and W. Cape with workshops for teachers and free follow up-learning materials.


Going forward, we aim to:

  • train 276 subject leaders in the Eastern Cape, 4 intermediate, 4 senior and 4 FET in each school district,
  • run Mathematical Thinking and Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT) course to train over 1000 teachers in a decade and continue to support the teachers through the AIMING HIGH Teacher Network,
  • run additional short courses for teachers e.g. Statistics and Probability, Geometry, Number and Algebra, Using I.T effectively in the classroom,
  • publish the first 4 books in the AIMING HIGH series to provide material for teachers to run their own workshops
  • develop open online courses specifically designed for students in Africa,
  • organize Motivate videoconferences for learners twice a year,
  • develop new interactive online learning resources, including publication of learners’ work,
  • distributed resources in other South African or African languages,
  • establish a Maths Roadshow visiting schools,
  • formalise and grow our curriculum development and research activities.