20th Jul 2016

Saturday School

Sat School2

AIMS tutor offering guidance

AIMSSEC and AIMS South Africa collaborated with Grand West Casino to begin a Saturday School tutoring project at I. D. Mkhize Secondary School and Gugulethu Comprehensive School, held from February to June 2016. This project was made possible by the dedication and  commitment of Celiwe Ngwenya, CSI Project Coordinator of Sun International. The project saw over 20 AIMS students and alumni sacrificing their time on Saturdays to go into the township of Gugulethu and make a difference in the lives of nearly a hundred grade 11 and grade 12 learners. The project was led and coordinated by AIMSSEC lecturer Macdonald Chapwanya. The aim of the project was to improve the achievement gap in disadvantaged township schools and to mentor and guide learners towards the doors of some of South Africa’s biggest universities and professions. For such a great and noble cause, AIMSSEC prepared the resources for the sessions with the learners and delivered mentoring sessions for the AIMS students and alumni.

MacDonald & the AIMS tutors assisting the learners

MacDonald & the AIMS tutors assisting the learners

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