Who we are

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims at empowering teachers from disadvantaged rural and township communities in South Africa and other parts of Africa.  A team of local, continental and international professional mathematics educators join together and collaborate with teachers and leaders at either residential (face-to-face) courses or during online courses. The team contributes toward mathematics teachers and leaders reaching their potentiality in mathematics education on the continent.

What we do

AIMSSEC offers professional development courses for anyone passionate about the teaching and learning of mathematics in South Africa. For mathematics teachers and leaders, we tap into unexplored mathematics teaching skills, enhancing teachers' subject content, pedagogical content and technological content knowledge. Courses are delivered as either residentials run during the January and June South African school holidays followed by distance learning or as online courses which last three/six months, depending on the course. In South Africa, courses are fully funded for teachers and leaders of mathematics. We are flexible in delivering teacher training outside of South Africa.

What we are proud of

Mathematical Thinking Book Series

The Mathematical Thinking book is for teachers who want to develop their mathematics teaching skills. The Lower Secondary schools was published in February 2016.

The book offers lesson resources for active learning, and resources for initial training and professional development to help teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematics and improves teaching.

See book reviews by Sheela Shankar (India); Shreya Paul (India); Duncan Samson (South Africa); Michael Rice & Mary Debrick (South Africa); Rachel Passmore (New Zealand);  Alf Coles (UK); Mike Balding (UK) and Vicki Vierra (USA).

Aiming High Teacher Network online resources

AIMSSEC encourages teachers to do and discuss mathematics with their colleagues and learners. The Aiming High Teacher Network website has downloadable guidance documents to help teachers and leaders to learn by delivering workshops. 

The network is a friendly and safe platform to try new ways of approaching mathematics with other teachers or by yourself. You don't need to be a subject expert as materials and solutions for teachers and learners are provided. Lesson activities are matched to the CAPS documents (South Africa).

Ethnomathematics and community role models

Collaborating with the House of Science, learners saw innovation demonstrated from an artist from their community. This artist was one of more than sixty who design, create and market the finest wire and bead craft in South Africa.

The activities helped learners to appreciate local innovation and the beauty of beading. The learners also saw the relevance of spatial awareness, estimation and measurement, and volume. They participated in interactive problem solving activities incorporating visualisation skills. For example, see pages 6 and 7  on the Science Spaza Space magazine.

Delivering teacher training in Africa

AIMSSEC has worked tirelessly with thousands of teachers with our sister countries on the African continent. Our work in Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda has kept our finger on the pulse of teacher education and broadened out network on the continent.  In line with our philosophy of education, we worked alongside teachers to share knowledge about learner-centred activities that built on teachers' experiential knowledge and understanding of mathematics. 

Fun mathematics family games book

Let's Play Mathematically! Aiming High Family Games is for sale in 2024. AMSSEC alumni will receive a link that will provide access to the e-book.