Founder and Volunteers

Mrs Toni Beardon founded AIMSSEC in 2003 while visiting South Africa. Toni is passionate about mathematics education on the African continent. She always shares her enjoyment of learning and doing mathematics. As a school teacher, teacher trainer, school inspector, project leader, web author and innovator, Toni's career spans to more than 50 years in mathematics education. She received an OBE for services to mathematics education in the United Kingdom for her work in setting up the Cambridge University Millennium Mathematics Project. She is known for her determination, perseverance and drive to provide the best to all teachers and learners in the United Kingdom and the African continent. She works tirelessly to bring innovation to mathematics teaching and learning across many African countries. Toni brings with her a team of professional mathematics educators from around the world who have experience as teachers, leaders, researchers and innovators, and who volunteer their services to the local AIMSSEC team.


The local team has a wealth of experience in mathematics education on the African continent and beyond. International lecturers and volunteers regularly visit and contribute towards the most up-to-date pedagogies in mathematics education. Local tutors keep our finger on the pulse of the day-to-day developments and challenges in local schools. We have a strong team professionally and academically.


Toni Beardon

Lifelong volunteer

SP Lecturer

Cynthia Fries

AIMSSEC Administrator

Najwa Chellan

AIMSSEC Administrator

Ntombekhaya Jacobs

AIMSSEC Academic Manager

 Pedagogy Lecturer

Dr Sinobia Kenny

Senior Programme Coordinator  

SP & FET Content Lecturer

Kwethemba Moyo

IT Coordinator

Education Technology Lecturer

Dr Tejumade Ogundipe

IP Lecturer

Loveness Mahwire

Visiting IP Lecturer

Sagree Pillay

Part-time SP Lecturer

Elizabeth Turok